Rage, anger and social media


I have found the last year much harder as a result of social media and my response to it. As I was pondering that, I saw the above article.  It is worth considering how much time we spend in places designed to distract or anger us and take us away from thought.

While I am still working on my path, I think controlling the amount of time we spend on social media is a good start.  I am not suggesting you walk away entirely, but consider how you let such things affect you.



Walk the dog

Talk to a friend


Do not let their desire to sell you advertising to invade your inner garth.  Do not give others such power over you.

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4 responses to “Rage, anger and social media”

  1. heathenembers says :

    Take the power back! Apart from blogging I’m on no social media, never been on facebook or twitter or anything. I’ve never even owned a smart phone. A lot of the time I feel like I’m wandering alone in the real world while surrounded by “plugged-in” zombies. I certainly agree that people should look at what they actually get out of social media, and what the cost of their choices is.

  2. aeddubh says :

    And when you walk the dog, leave the smartphone in your pocket. There’s someone I see every once in awhile, walking their dog in the neighborhood… the dog is young, beautiful, happy, enthused. Their human? Head down over their smartphone, unsmiling, missing out on everything their dog is doing, everything their dog could show them.

    • Jessica Triepel says :

      Don’t leave the phone in your pocket. Leave it at home. Just set it down and walk away. You won’t miss it. (Not meaning you, specifically.)

  3. Jessica Triepel says :

    Well said. I couldn’t agree more.

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