Anti-semitism and White Supremacy

The following is a detailed article that covers a lot of the history of White Supremacist groups and their strong elements of anti-Semitism.  In particular, I think the following points are worth reading and researching:

  1. The Turner Diaries – The influenced McVeigh and the Oklahoma city bombings.
  2. “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”—a forgery, first circulated by Czarist secret police in Russia in 1903.  This one seems to keep coming up.
  3. While not itemized, he does list a lot of the various attacks over the years.
  4. The states in the Northwest most tied to these groups.
  5. The various mythologies of the groups in question
  6. The virulence of anti-Semitism in these groups.

I plan to return to this article periodically.  It has a lot of useful details.


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