American Divisions

I want to do a piece on what McNallen is doing now but it requires I go through a lot of material and I have not managed that.  In the meantime, this article is an analysis of our growing divisions and civil strife.  I had a strong feeling 4-5 years ago that this was coming and things have only gotten worse.

I fear most the following words in an oath many have taken on both sides:

“…against all enemies, foreign and domestic;”

I fear standing against my friends as we battle what that phrase means and I stand to protect family from the harm I see them doing.  Something is happening on my watch that was supposed to wait at least a century.  Sadly, I have no answers. I truly wish I did.

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One response to “American Divisions”

  1. aeddubh says :

    This sort of thing makes me believe even more strongly in my Close Up’s mission…

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