An Analysis of Tyr and Sacrifice

I thought this overall a good analysis and this conclusion was my favorite part:

Out of an entire community, only one individual is willing to offer great personal sacrifice in order to protect his fellows from a dire threat that has grown up within the community. Rather than turning to violence against others, he nobly stands up and takes the resulting damage to himself. As a result, he gains the ability to join the hands of other people in agreement and harmony.

I have learned in various places that sometimes being willing to take a punch is as or more important than being ready to throw one, although I certainly am. Another way to put it:

Tyr teaches that sometimes we have to let the Nazi punch us, even if punching the Nazi is morally and ethically valid.

My willingness to take that hit shows others that I value them.  I prefer to think of Fenrir in this story as an embodiment of community destruction, although I concede to deeper meanings.  Sometimes you may not be thanked, but you will still have an effect.


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One response to “An Analysis of Tyr and Sacrifice”

  1. Scott Smith says :

    And this would be why Tyr’s tale is the one that speaks most strongly to me – notions of duty and sacrifice..

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