Duty to Horror

What is the duty of the artist, poet or storyteller in the face of horror?


The actual philosophy of Stoicism is not actually mentioned, but the question is important.

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2 responses to “Duty to Horror”

  1. mainer74 says :

    I have to disagree. Poetry, song, art are ways to encapsulate things that do not fit into bare prose. How do you explain to someone what horror looks like who has never seen it? How do you capture the feeling of looking into eyes so deep in despair that their body no longer reacts to what you see reflected in them, and communicate it to a person who has never been for a stroll in hell? They haven’t the experience to understand, they have no words that actually equate to those feelings and sensations in their whole vocabulary, because they never needed them. The only way you can enable them to understand is to create in them a feeling they have never experienced, to make live in their mind a thing that has no place in their world, and allow them to shiver as the shadow of a darkness they have never seen touches them at last.

    They cannot understand, but they can at least then grasp the scope and evil of what it is that they do not understand, I feel this is important, and I will not stop attempting to communicate to those who have the chance to make sure such horror is not repeated simply because I cannot speak with the victims voice.

    The goal is not to preserve the stage for only victims to speak, the goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate victims of horror by stopping future horrors.

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