Recent AFA statement

I really don’t feel a need to explain why I am posting this. It is problematic for both racial and LGBT reasons.   It came across Facebook and I do not have a link to a different source:

“Today we are bombarded with confusion and messages contrary to the values of our ancestors and our folk. The AFA would like to make it clear that we believe gender is not a social construct, it is a beautiful gift from the holy powers and from our ancestors. The AFA celebrates our feminine ladies, our masculine gentlemen and, above all, our beautiful white children. The children of the folk are our shining future and the legacy of all those men and women of our people back to the beginning. Hail the AFA families, now and always!

Matt Flavel
Alsherjargothi, AFA”


(AFA = Asatru Folk Assembly)


The AFA: It’s that time again.

Paganism Has Some Dead Ends


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11 responses to “Recent AFA statement”

  1. kip says :

    Who the hell are your “ancestors and your folk”? You are a Nazi-skinhead-republican-conservative-Christian. Oh, you forgot to end your sad post with Heil Hitler!

    • facingthefireswithin says :

      Are you really that clueless or are you just a jerk?

    • EmberVoices says :

      No kidding.

      I mean, most folks in the AFA aren’t so far gone as Nazis and none of them are Christian (obviously), but bullshit conservatism abounds, and the organization has long held racist and separatist ideologies on levels they’ve tried to deny (words not matching actions). I’ve known individuals in the AFA who were naively blind to the problems in that organization, so not everyone who joins them actually upholds those ideals. At this point, though, if they stay, they’re at least condoning them. Hopefully they get it now that they need to get the fuck out of there.

      Really, that the AFA is finally admitting their long-held views publicly isn’t much of an escalation, but I hope now it’s much harder for anyone to argue to the contrary.

      That said? FTFW posted them *here* because he *disagrees* with the AFA’s bullshit, and wants to alert people to it. So if your understandable rant is directed towards him, it’s misplaced.


  2. EmberVoices says :

    The post is having some formatting issues. :/ -E-

    • aeddubh says :

      I find that WordPress gets too “helpful” sometimes in their formatting. What I often do is copy things into a text editor, make changes there, and copy it back to WordPress.

  3. Tahni J. Nikitins says :

    Thanks for sharing these links.

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