Soldiers of Odin, My Ass

Great!  Now these knuckleheads are here.  I cannot tell from the article what other groups they might be affiliated with.


  1. It is thanks to a Muslim that we know some portions of detail about our ancestors.  Consider reading once in a while:
  2. I have not met a single reasonable follower of Odin that follows your position.  The closest I can think of indirectly was a man who said (and taught): “Odin hates Mexicans”.  That man was in prison for cold blooded murder to see someone die and I work daily to oppose that he has said.

Don’t claim you work for my gods.


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One response to “Soldiers of Odin, My Ass”

  1. Lucius Svartwulf Helsen says :

    So really only two things here.

    1) the article you link to presentation of the SOO’s actions do not, in anyway, act counter to Odin or Odin’s ways. That some members may belong to racialist organizations does not mean the entire group is such, and their own actions of speaking respectfully with the Imam in order to determine the mosques nature are in no way hateful. The desire to prevent violence from happening is not a violent act, regardless of who is doing the “preventing” and who is the potential “provented.”

    2) I would really recommend, before condemning the SOO as a whole or in part, doing more research about the situation within Europe that drove their creation. If you want, I can list some good video makers on Youtube who have given an unbiased look at the situation. But the SOO is not some racist organization that arose in a vacuum from unsubstantiated fears of “Brown people,” but rather through honest, large scale violent actions under the flag of Islamism which have been ignored or abetted by European governments. With them an other groups it very much is “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t an invisible monster about to eat your face.”

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