Rape, Rage and Vengeance


So, this.  This came across other social media and I thought this was worth reading and honoring as you see fit.  This action was dangerous and could have ended up with the avengers dead if the rapist had a gun to hand.  I also have mixed feelings about vengeance in our modern world but I truly do understand the rage and feel we have to accept and recognize that.

If this offends you, start calling out prosecutors on processing rape kits and improving their prosecution of rape and NEVER second guess a woman’s story.

Hail Freya, Lady, Vanadis.  May a woman’s right to her person never be questioned.



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3 responses to “Rape, Rage and Vengeance”

  1. Lucius Svartwulf Helsen says :

    “…and NEVER second guess a woman’s story.”

    See, I could go for a woman seeking vengeance on her rapist. The problem I have is where you go “listen and believe, never question.” I’m sorry, but over the last several years, far, far too many (the vast majority even) of publicly claimed rape cases have proven not just false, but maliciously false.

    We are meant to be a society of reason. Reason makes judgements based on facts and evidence. That some have allowed the processing of evidence to slide is unforgivable. But their failings does not mean that we should surrender the value of Factual Evidence when it comes to allegations of serious crimes. Just as a woman has a right to her person, so too does an innocent man. To accuse is not, and should never be, enough to condemn or convict, much less to punish..

    • facingthefireswithin says :

      Depending on whose statistics from the FBI you use, the number of false claims is somewhere between 2% and 8%:



      I am fine if you want to use the higher number for matters of discussion to avoid pointless arguments. Even with that, I don’t think there is any basis I have ever seen that justifies making false reporting a major issue.

      The greater concern is that women frequently don’t report being raped because of all that entails. (That is even more true for cases of assaults on minors and statutes of limitations are a separate and serious issue.)

      At the moment, the onus and harm is far more on women than men and that should not stand.

      • Lucius Svartwulf Helsen says :

        So basically, somewhere between 1 in 50, to 1 in 10 (roughly) are false claims. By your own numbers.

        You say that the onus of harm is greater upon women than it is upon men. This assumes that the harms involved in being raped are equivalent to, or greater than, the harms done to a man should he be falsely accused. However, a man accused of rape can see his life destroyed as completely as the life of a woman who is raped is completely destroyed. That, however, is a side issue. You say the trauma for women is greater, so it is acceptable should men suffer a false claim. I.e. one group, based on their gender, should have preferential treatment over another group, based on their gender.

        This, I find, unacceptable. Each individual person, regardless of gender, should have their innocence respected, and if indeed innocent, have that innocence protected. No person, regardless of their gender, should be forced to act as a sacrificial lamb on an alter of good intentions to help a “group.” Even if we take the lowest number you mention 1/50 are false claims of rape, that punishes an innocent man.. then if we follow your rule of “do not question” out of every fifty claims an innocent man would be wrongly convicted and wrongly punished. If the falsehood is higher at say 1/10, then of every ten accusations, an innocent man is punished.

        Is it just to punish the innocent for a crime they did not commit? No. What you ask for is not justice for Rape Victims, but rather Revenge. If you do not care about evidence because the “falsehoods are so rare” and you do away with evidence, then you open it up so that even in cases where Rapes did happen, innocent people would be punished because you did not bother to find who the true rapist was. You allowed an accusation to be evidence enough, and you spill blood without truth to slake the thirst of an angry and injured victim who would see someone punished, even if that person was not responsible.

        Do we need to do better with evidence? Absolutely. But failure to be perfect is no reason to abolish what is a fair and just way of determining crimes based on factual evidence.

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