On Holding Space

I am trying to get better at this. It is very important when supporting victims of abuse and in counseling those facing rage and anger.

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

Read This Article. Seriously. Read it. Read the whole thing.

If you do any kind of counseling, or clergy work, or even just group work in a sensitive context, then, like me, Holding Space is a skill you need to develop, and continually explore. If you have friends and family you care about and want to be better at taking care of in their times of pain and greatest need, if you know anyone with chronic pain, or who is going through major stress, life changes, or other challenges, you need this skill.

Does that sound like just about everyone? Yep, it is. Because really, we all need this skill in our lives, and precious few have it.

One good days this is a thing I can do. More often than I’d like, I fall prey to my troubleshooting impulse, and offer advice. I’m an excellent troubleshooter, and proud…

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