Ties to GOP lead and White Supremacy

Trump Volunteers on PBS News Story Prominently Display Neo-Nazi Tattoos

Please remember that 88 and 18 on a white person are likely not a good sign, although I had not seen a Celtic cross used that way.  Sadly, the film shows several of them wearing Thor’s Hammers.

The Economist actually lists such a presidency as a global risk:


I hate that heathens have to even pay attention to these things but I see no choice, especially this year.

I am sorry, then there is this:


I have avoided Nazi references but this does look like brown shirts.


2 responses to “Ties to GOP lead and White Supremacy”

  1. sapphosgarden says :

    Oh…I’ve been using 88 on a lot of stuff because that’s my birth year. Time to change that.

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