On the Freikorps


Perhaps I should just re-post everything this man writes.

Ethnic militias (and many others) are worse than useless and highly dangerous.  Don’t buy into the rhetoric of men like McNallen or the fools in Oregon.  Even the sagas are full of a limited version of the rule of law.  Laws are what gives us society and society is what got us to the Moon.


2 responses to “On the Freikorps”

  1. Lucius Svartwulf Helsen says :

    The Militia in Oregon isn’t an “ethnic” militia. That was about the federal government re-convicting and re-sentencing people to jail for longer periods for crimes they had already been convicted of and served time for. Had nothing to do with “white people” and more do to with violations of the double jeopardy principle. fyi

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