Philosophy, Academia and the 20th century

I have been a big fan of The Stone for several years.  I agree that philosophy becoming purely academic is problematic.  I try to pursue it on my own, in much the way I think it was previously pursued and certainly the way Epictetus might have seen it.

I encourage anyone reading me to pursue this on their own or with a few friends before looking to a university.

One response to “Philosophy, Academia and the 20th century”

  1. aeddubh says :

    I think that article is dead on the mark. It speaks to a more general problem- the general dearth of interest in interdisciplinary knowledge and studies. All the “soft” sciences are also infected by the need to be like the “hard” sciences, which can lead to them having the same problems as philosophy.

    It even carries over into the realm of magick- there are some apparently quite functional magickal systems (e.g. homeopathy) that insist on expressing themselves in bogus scientific terminology, which just makes them targets for ridicule.

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