Does It Really Matter, Our Different Paths?

Interesting thoughts on Pagan and Heathen as an umbrella like Christian. We would not assume Baptists and Methodists would agree…

Son of Hel

So after having written the Mormon/Halstead set and my thoughts on Folmer’s “Elders” post, as well as the comments, I find myself sitting back and thinking over some of the stuff I’ve seen. It’s brought to mind a problem that seems to run throughout humanity, but has stretched back into the whole “theistic” wars with Halstead. It also runs into Lucius’s Law.

We have a problem with people believing differently from us.

Oh sure, we in Paganism generally going about not caring if you’re a druid, a wiccan, a heathen, a cultus, or any other path out there most of the time. We acknowledged that there’s different views, different gods, different rituals and symbols. And we’re all generally fine with it. Right up until something happens that one of those other paths publicly believes something we don’t agree with.

I mean, we all know that Heathen religions are generally about…

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One response to “Does It Really Matter, Our Different Paths?”

  1. aeddubh says :

    I’ve long held that “Pagan” is an even wider term than “Christian”. More like “Abrahamic”.

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