Our Burden is Racist Morons (and bad reporting)


I have been angry at the SPLC in the past for how they treated heathenry, and with the federal government for a report on right wing terrorism threats. Sadly, it is looking like they were more right than I wanted to admit.

The article, while very badly written and poorly researched, makes a point about Judaism that rings true.  I have had better detailed discussions with Jewish people about our faith than others, once I convinced them that I was not a threat.  They and other minorities have no choice but to be careful.  People are threatening to kill them and some of those people look like us.  I hate when people look at my body marks or my hammer and think I was in a prison gang or something similar but I cannot blame those people.  They have to watch out for threats and we look like a threat from the outside.

The best I can do is work to educate people where I can.  I don’t know what else to do.  If you have other ideas, feel free to discuss them here or point me to other places.  (No, I do not generally use Facebook for this purpose.)

I feel the article could have been a LOT better informed and others agreed. It is sensationalist and the author seems to see a lot of this as a joke.  I don’t know anyone who would honor David Lane and he called himself a Wotanist specifically while using 1488 and 88 a lot in his writings but those distinctions are not clear to outsiders who have not spent years studying.

There have been other articles since:


“Because pagans gonna pagan. ”  I think the author is going for gonzo journalism.


“It’s a comic book religion in a lot of ways,” he added.

Something much cleaner with comments from people I at least know from a distance:


They point out that we face something closer to what Muslims do.  Think of that and be more welcoming to others who are victims as well.

Another response:


The best response I have seen so far:


Another response:


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5 responses to “Our Burden is Racist Morons (and bad reporting)”

  1. aeddubh says :

    I think, indeed, that the best you can do is educate people and speak out on your blog. I doubt anyone can influence sensationalist media. About the only thing you can hope for with them is that they’re easily distractable and they’ll soon move on to something else. I don’t know if engaging them directly (a letter to the editor, etc.) is worth it.

    The SPLC’s stance bothers me… a lot more of the Nazi leadership (including Hitler himself) were Christian than “Teutonic Revivalist”, and (I think) a lot more modern White Supremacists are as well.

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