AFA and reporting on Heathens from a flawed perspective

The article stands on its own.  I thank the author for all of their efforts, in spite of the reporter ignoring them.

Stephen McNallen has been problematic for years and I have, indeed, read Wotan vs. Tezcatlipoca: The Spiritual War for California and the Southwest” which does advocate a form of spiritual warfare.  While the AFA has locked that down, another version is here:

Don’t invoke Freya that way in MY name sir.  Thank you very much.

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4 responses to “AFA and reporting on Heathens from a flawed perspective”

  1. Lucius Svartwulf Helsen says :

    Everyone hates on McNallen. Don’t know why, he seems a decent block with an honest heart. I love how he’s always “problematic” to people though.

    Frankly, I wonder what people find more problematic. That he doesn’t believe exactly like they do, or that he just might actually be right about this shit and they could be wrong about theirs.

    • facingthefireswithin says :

      So, you believe in spiritual warfare with the descendants of Aztecs? Seriously?

      • Lucius Svartwulf Helsen says :

        I didn’t say that…exactly.

        Here’s what I believe. I believe there are Gods and the are Men. The wants of one sometime align with the other. The Norse wish their people to flourish. The Aztecs wish the same. Despite what hippies and wiccans would tell you, sometime what is good for one group is not good for another. There is conflict, both physical and spiritual.

        Man will fight Man, Gods will battle Gods.

        I read what McNallen wrote years ago. I have read some of the stuff he references. I have read materials published by La Raza (a group he mentions), a group whose members advocate the eradication of all European descended peoples from the Americas (This has been documented in many places). Some of these members worship the Aztec Gods, invoking and evoking them to accomplish what those people desire. The crime rate statistics of Latino gangs against non-Latinos are public record.

        The Aztec Gods were gods who relied on mass human sacrifices.

        So why should not “European” descended folks invoke and evoke our own Gods for protection? Have not the Gods been called upon in every time of struggle or conflict? Is it problematic for people to ask the Gods to defend them from the violent actions and wishes of others, simply because the targets are “white” and the targeters are “poc?”

        As yourself this, if instead of talking about the Aztecs, La Raza, and so forth, what McNallen had instead been talking about Allah and ISIS/ISIL? Would you have such a great “problem” with the invoking of the Gods to defend and even attack against those forces? Would you have the same problem with this is instead of McNallen and Asatru, it was someone who was African American and a leader of the ATR movement talking about Latinos in the same way, and who referenced say the Zimmerman/Martin case to show that Latinos wanted Black people dead (Zimmerman was a Hispanic after all).

        I believe warfare will happen. I believe there is no wrong in asking the Gods to defend and protect their people however they can and see fit. If this is with Allah, the Aztecs, or anyone else who seeks the harm of my “folk” I have no issue with this, just as I have no issue with other people invoking their own Gods for their own defense. I feel this is an honest and honorable thing to do.

        And as I said before, the Aztecs were Gods of mass human sacrifice, the highest recorded out of every pantheon on the planet. Would their full rise to the world stage not be “problematic” in a far greater degree than a Norse/Aztec spiritual struggle?

        Perhaps you might want to consider what exactly is problematic here.

  2. Moonstruck Moxxi says :

    Sadly, as those of a minority faith system that does not actively seek to propagate or expand, we pagans of all stripes will always get the short stick in nations controlled by evangelist/expansionist faiths. While we won’t ever really ever be equal in matters of faith-recognition in media or government, we don’t have to carry a chip on our shoulder about it.

    All that being said, I have a rant coming on.

    I do not like the AFA. The few times I have conversed with members, I have come away with the impression that it teaches a dangerous and unstable form of heathenism that is bound to explode in someone’s face sooner or later. If/when that happens, the very little positive recognition that pagans have collectively won for ourselves will be forgotten overnight, and I fear it will put us back into the bad old days of mistrust, persecution, and “documentation” by authorities.

    When a Christian snaps and kills someone, the religion has enough mass and momentum that the rest of the practitioners remain unaffected for the most part. Were someone from the heathen community (especially a WHITE practitioner from an organization with racist overtones and white supremacist undertones like the AFA) to do so, and were that story to gain national media attention (and it would)… well, the USA may have forgone stakes and flames, but there would be a literal Witch Hunt. The backlash would be severe, and would set us all back to square one.

    It is dangerous to let such a risky organization as the AFA be put up on any pedestal by anyone for any reason, and Kimberly Winston is probably doing more harm than good by doing so, regardless of her intentions in doing so.

    Why couldn’t she have reported on a nice little Wiccan group instead?

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