A Prayer to Freya and some work and other words

I did some work for Freya this weekend.  I will leave the details out for now but it was a permanent offering involving an image.  As part of that work, I wrote the following for her:

Freya, Lady, Vanadis

Weeping Tears of Gold for Odr

Taker of Half the Slain

Taker of the Warrior’s Sacrifice




I thank you for your bounty and blessings

I thank you for the answer I would not see

Help me to show those who have Fallen…

How to Stand and tell their Stories

Hail Freya!

In addition, as part of my journey to this point, I recited the following:

Pain gives Injury

Injury gives Wounds

Wounds give Scars

Scars give Memory

Choice gives Good Scars

There was also singing and other things as well as support.

* This last is a reference to Chosen Ordeal rather than the kind listed in my previous post tying to Mainer74.


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