The Kim Davis Situation

I have generally avoided politics on this blog as the primary focus is intended to the heathenry and anger but every once in a while something comes up.  In this case, it is a clerk in Kentucky who is oathbound to enforce the law and refusing to do so.

If one has taken an oath to serve the law, one has two choices if one cannot perform their duties:

1) Resign

2) Accept the sanctions of society (prison, fines, et cetera)

But, more significantly to heathens, she has broken the oath she took.  While we do not believe in sin, we do take oaths very seriously and don’t assume duty to the Gods forgives an oath.  Therefore, I see no reason anyone on a Northern path would be sympathetic to her self created plight.

If you are actually worried about threats to religious liberty, read this:

If you have fallen for the “sanctuary city” conspiracy theory, read this:

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2 responses to “The Kim Davis Situation”

  1. Loki's Little Hippie Witch says :

    I see it the same way you do. She swore an oath to serve the community and abide by its laws. She should either uphold the law or resign, yes.

  2. aeddubh says :

    I agree. Of course, she’s been made some kind of martyr/hero by the homophobes, but that was inevitable.

    Great pic on the second article you linked to…

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