An article on Freya and Gullveig

It relates back a bit to this post:

While my practice and devotion is not tied to the mystical side of Freya, as is that of others I know, I would be a fool to deny that side exists or that Freya and be terrifying in a number of ways that are less an issue for my practice.  I also feel from of that fear comes from a fear of lust and female power.  I don’t share that fear and see far more danger from male power than female.  We seem to hold women guilty of what we do upon seeing them.  That is hardly their responsibility.  Being a man means being responsible for one’s own choices and actions.


6 responses to “An article on Freya and Gullveig”

  1. beanalreasa says :

    Thank you for posting this.
    It can be difficult to find information on Gulveig.

  2. aeddubh says :

    Fascinating article, thanks!

  3. Úlfdís says :

    You know I consider Gullveig a face of Angrboda, not Freya? 😉

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