Meditations on Freya and Abuse

Ties to these previous posts:

And to this Japanese process/philosophy:

Freya is frequently associated with gold and some think Gullveig is actually a metaphor for purifying gold:

I have firmly found that her message of Worth and Sovereignty ties directly to abuse and helping those abused to be stronger.  In research and meditation, I found (or remembered) Kintsugi above.  The idea that a thing that has broken can be stronger and more beautiful when repaired than it was before.  Our scars define us but need not weaken us.


1) This kind of work will wear you down.  Have a plan to take care of yourself and heal.  Put on your own oxygen mask first.

2) This kind of work may attract other people looking for your help.  In that case, see Rule #1.

3) This kind of work may cause you to see darkness and pain where you did not before.  In that case, see Rule #1.

4)The person coming to you may be looking at your life for a baseline of a healthy life.  Your example matters.

5) Despite Rules 1-3, you are much stronger than you think.

Hail Freya!

Honor to anyone who stands to help one who has fallen.

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5 responses to “Meditations on Freya and Abuse”

  1. beanalreasa says :

    These 5 rules are good practical advice. Thank you for the links to the other posts as well. Very helpful stuff!

  2. Arashi No Moui says :

    And #2 and #4 are the ones that have haunted me all my life, every time I open myself to helping someone, it seems that I open to others who I care about needing me. And while #3 doesn’t phase me, I’m tired of proving #5 to be true.

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