A brief boxing interlude – Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight

So, first off, I did NOT watch the fight although I had an opportunity to.  I am not a fan of what PPV has done to a sport I found later in life and see as dying.  I was busy talking to people around a fire.

Second off, Mayweather is pretty much a wretch of a human being:


However, he is clearly a brilliant technical boxer from and old school sometimes referred to as “Black Code” who is able to outmaneuver opponents and use their anger and confidence against them.  This article, written before the fight, details that:


From what I have read of the later reviews and what little I watched, the predictions were accurate:


NOTE: The above article is not the best written and you can argue that the writer does not know boxing well.


So, in a way, Mayweather is like the berserk thugs in Egil’s saga but in reverse.  He is calm and cool in the ring but a villain as a human being.

As I said, really an interlude with no direct correlation to anger and heathenry but an interesting study nevertheless.

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