Anger and Rage are necessary, Hate is not

I curse the Austrian Psychotic House Painter for giving this a language and Himmler for misunderstanding our symbols enough to make it look like our beliefs would justify such things.

Remember that Hospitality is often our highest virtue and that Jews, Muslims and many others are ultimately our guests.  Our ancestors took that responsibility seriously.

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One response to “Anger and Rage are necessary, Hate is not”

  1. Lucius Svartwulf Helsen says :

    I actually just read that article this afternoon at work. I might write a post about it myself.

    Thing is, anti-semitism existed long before Himmler or Hitler. It’s existed for as long as the Jews have existed. Sometimes, it’s because of their own actions (as with the Amelikites or the Romans) sometimes it’s for political reasons (like the Church or the Muslims). Sometimes it’s just because the Jews seem to be better off than the rest of those around them (the original “privileged” if you will).

    The thing is, the Nazi’s didn’t use our symbols or language or Gods to justify their hate. They used them to consolidate their pride, their hate came not from any of the heathen ways (Hitler himself was a devout Christian and didn’t love the Pagan SS much, even though he desperately needed them).

    The things they used to justify their hate was the fact that the Jews weren’t starving, broke, or vilified like the Germans were. So the Jews were Privileged, they held the power in Germany, and the only way germans could ever have a shot a fair life was to “get rid of the Jews.”

    That’s why Muslims first sided with the Nazis as well, and why many a Muslim anti-semite will quote the Nazis. The jews are privileged over the Muslims, they always are richer, happier, healthier, and so…

    At least, that was the party line. And if that sounds like something you might have heard before, well, it mirrors a lot of talk sjws tend to use. Because that’s where it comes from, even if they don’t realize it.

    The Jews are one of the most complicated peoples out there. I hate their God, I dislike their religion, and I think a lot of their actions at the start are inexcusable. But they have been paying for it for over 2000 years, and I cannot condemn any modern jew for the actions of those in the past, any more than I think anyone should be condemned for the negative actions of their ancestors. But I do think that regardless of my views, of what my religion teaches, the Jews are going to be one of the most hated peoples of all times. It’s a sad thing, but as long as Christianity and Islam are around, they will forever be trying to get rid of the first kid their God had. :/

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