An amusing answer to Georgia’s religious law

Honor to the Wiccans who came up with this one:

(Wow, this post got more popular than anything else.)

I will add for Heathens who make comments about Wiccans, maybe we should try humorous responses to discrimination as well.  At least we will be smiling.


2 responses to “An amusing answer to Georgia’s religious law”

  1. aeddubh says :

    The ATC are the bunch who came up with “The Other People”:

    Glad to see they haven’t lost their touch. 😉

  2. dustydionne says :

    The founder of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Pete Pathfinder passed away this year. Though Rev. Belladonna LaVeau took his place as the leader of the ATC, I am continuing the political side of his work to the best of my ability. I learned from him for 10 years. Thanks for the kind words. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to keep doing the work. Blessings!

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