Prophet and Loss

A fine Heathen view of current events, Islamic extremism and the risks we have to expect.

Most importantly:

The dreaded “other” will always be there, even if the definition is always changing.  Communist, fascist, Muslim, atheist, separatist; there will always be someone whose views are opposed enough to your own that your radical elements on both sides will strike out against those they cannot accept.  If you choose to sell your freedom for protection from words you are afraid to hear, or because you are so terrified that blood may be spilled that you would trade your freedom  for the security of defended chains, then you have become the enemy of the state.


Prophet and Loss,


As the more astute among you have noted from my opening I am of a minority religion in my own country, for I am Asatru, or Heathen.  While centuries ago this was the faith of the bulk of the people in Northern Europe, those days are long past and we are solidly in the minority wherever we dwell.   As such I have grown used to seeing my beliefs and my religion mocked by those around me, used by the media either for a cheap laugh or as a stock villain.  Welcome to the planet, we are all minorities here; some of us just get more reminders.

We live in mixed communities, in whatever nation we live in, the people around us come from many other faiths, many other linguistic groups, many other ideological understandings, and yet, they are a part of our local community, our nation…

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  1. aeddubh says :

    That’s awesome. Thanks for reblogging it.

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