Why Racism Harms Heathenry

I will remain silent on some of the politics of the screed but other parts and the sentiment make sense.

Sarenth Odinsson's Blog

This comment was made on The Wild Hunt recent Pagan Community Notes in response to HUAR calling out Irminfolk as a racist religious group.

“If your definition of the word “hurt” means “Anyone who holds a belief that I don’t like” then I agree, racism hurts people. But of course that’s nonsense. What hurts people are *actions* and *policies* in the public area. A private religion having it’s own bylaws, charter, and mission statement is not hurting anyone. The moment they take those beliefs and try to diminish the rights and freedoms of others (remember you don’t have a right to join any religion you want) then we can chat about hurting others. I’m not surprised at the lack of critical thinking on these posts, it’s pretty standard for the modern Pagan community. And if you read my first post, which sounds like you didn’t, I said “have a right…

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5 responses to “Why Racism Harms Heathenry”

  1. EmberVoices says :

    *Headtilt* Perhaps in email… but to remain *overtly* silent raises the obvious question – which parts of this bother you? -E-

  2. facingthefireswithin says :

    There are political assumptions regarding capitalism, et cetera and that is not the subject of this blog.

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