The Meaning of the Binding of Fenrir

I had cause, just yesterday, to discuss the meaning of Fenrir’s binding with a friend and then another sent me this:

It is a detailed examination of the mythology of wolves and unfettered hunger in the myth of Fenrir that also ties to the berserks and the social order.  Thinking of the wolf and Fenrir metaphorically helps here.  I think the one thing I would add is that those desires are in us and have to be faced internally.  The story is one of law and community but the daily struggle to not become a “little Fenris” is something we also have to understand and face.  We all have those desires and I think that is why certain characters in fiction like Wolverine resonate for some of us as a kind of wish fulfillment.

We need to stop looking at Fenrir in terms of good and evil and more in terms of risk and threat.  That hunger and anger is a part of us and sometimes even necessary but also very harmful to social order.

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3 responses to “The Meaning of the Binding of Fenrir”

  1. aeddubh says :

    Very interesting, thank you for sharing it. The author seems to be relying a lot on post-Pagan materials (Sturlusson, etc.), but the societal structure and attitudes towards restraint and moderation may well have carried over…

  2. EmberVoices says :

    The idea that Fenris was ever looked at in terms of Good and Evil in the first place actually kind of boggles my mind…


    • facingthefireswithin says :

      We are almost all converts and many of us came from a Protestant base. When I was first wrestling with Fenrir issues, I saw him as DESTRUCTION incarnate and absolutely terrifying. I mean physical gastric issues terrifying. While I certain don’t see that as Evil in the Christian Satan sense, it is still potentially quite scary.

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