The sadness we sometimes face when racists are how we are judged

A good friend, who is also Jewish, has been discussing back and forth with me the SPLC’s view of heathenry and why they may think we are darker than we are. Her example was this:


Her comment was: “*this* would be why the SPLC has issues with some of your co-religionists.”

I had a bartender on vacation far to the south look at some of my body art and ask if I was a former racist gang member.

Years back, when I was just starting on this path, a black friend was very worried that I was even considering such a thing and could only see racism there.

It can be very frustrating and those of us who are heathen, asatru, northern tradition or whatever else who also often know what it is like to be afraid to admit our faith at work or in other settings. We are a tiny minority who are also feared.

I say we use this to understand others better. I talk to a number of Muslims at work and try to be friendly and ask about their customs as clearly they are used to being accused of being like ISIL.

Yes, we should be allowed to be more open about who we are but often we cannot. Our ancestors, be they blood or spirit, had to hide as well. Don’t compromise your principles or beliefs but know that you are often outnumbered. It is one reason that finding kindreds, troths and other groups is so special to us.

Best of luck to all of you in facing these trials.

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