Anger as motivation

I rushed to get the link up and neglected to put up my own thoughts. I feel there is nothing wrong in using anger as a motivator so long as you understand the risks and price of doing so. I have some friends who are athletic, and use anger to push themselves. I have many friends who are activists who use anger every day. So long as I am sure that they understand what that can cost them, I wish them the best of luck. Just be aware that you must not let that anger consume you. Then it becomes much darker and more dangerous.


3 responses to “Anger as motivation”

  1. EmberVoices says :

    That actually makes me feel a bit better about my own, because my style is probably closer to that than most models I see… -E-

  2. Boneweaver (aka pjvj) says :

    Reblogged this on Lean in to Joy (transition priestess, spiritual midwife) and commented:
    Reblog. So interesting. Gaiman and Pratchett and anger.

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