Thoughts post Hermod Work – Post 1

So, I have had over a week to ponder what came from my two runs based on this commitment:

I am just going to write what has come to me so far and write other posts if they occur to me.  In no order, really:

1) Relay as Metaphor – I ended up using an old Manfred Mann song as a pacing song during a lot of this.  I mentioned it here:

It was originally written for the Olympics and partially for the torch runners.  It occurred to me, mostly on the second run, that there IS a relay component to Hermod.  Frigga passes a task to him, he rides, negotiates and retrieves a bargain which is then passed back to Frigga.  Thinking of working with Hermod as one part of a larger relay can work well.

2) Speaker for the Dead

Tying to point one, often working with Hermod may mean carrying the memory of a dead person with you for a time.  I carried two as part of what I did, a friend and a relative at different points.

Speaking proudly for our ancestors and friends is part of heathenry.  It is worth remembering that, when working with Hermod, you may find yourself doing more of that.  Sometimes, when someone is grieving, you may say: “Tell me of your friend” and carry that forward.  It is important and practical.

3) Running, Pausing and Endurance

I also struggled with the idea of not being able to run all 9 miles flat out and wrote about that as well:

Our ancestors rode horses, ships and many other things.  Like soldiers, they took rest where they found it.  Hermod rides Sleipnir for nine days and nights but likely let Sleipnir do the work at points.  And, he did rest in Hel before returning.  Endurance is important and respectable and comes in many forms.  Make sure you have it but also shepherd your resources and do not hurt yourself so that you fail in your greater mission.

Believe me, I hit a dehydration wall on mile 7 of the day run.  I had a plan that I would run 9 light poles and walk 3 and that is what I did.  I still finished.  It is finishing that is more important than raw time.

4) Lost Causes

A non Heathen friend once asked me if Hermod was the Norse “patron saint of lost causes”.  There is that aspect, as his mission ultimately fails.  However, HE does everything he can and succeeds at his part.  The mission failed for other reasons after his work.  He is a reminder that we can do the best we can and things beyond our control can still cause larger failures.  Be proud of your success on your mission and realistic about the larger one.


2 responses to “Thoughts post Hermod Work – Post 1”

  1. EmberVoices says :

    I would actually give Lost Causes to Hel Herself. If there’s even an idea that lost causes are a thing from a Norse perspective.

    St. Jude is given lost causes because for a long time people were wary of praying to/through him for fear of accidentally tapping Judas the Betrayer instead. So they’d only pray to Jude when they’d tried pretty well everything else. And sometimes it helped. So Jude took over Lost Causes.

    But if it’s a *truly* lost cause, you don’t have any real hope to succeed, do you? So a patron of Lost Causes is more like a patron of Last Hope, and I think perhaps that DOES make sense to attribute to Hermod.


    • facingthefireswithin says :

      Thank you. Last Hope, I will ponder that. To me, Hermod and Heimdall are about doing what you said you would do when no one is watching and whether you can be sure of success or not. Duty is a word I attribute strongly to both.

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