Update on Hermod work

This goes back to this commitment:


So, the intervening year has had its challenges (to say the least) and I have not trained as well or as quickly as I had planned.  I did manage to get up to five miles recently and am still hopeful.  What I fear is not being able to run the whole nine miles twice.  I have decided, in the end, that whether I run all of it or walk a portion does not ultimately matter.  The point is the doing of it.  In the story, Hermod rode Sleipnir for 9 days and nights.  There were certainly times that Sleipnir did more work than he.  Therefore, if I do have to walk a portion, I will.  I will just work to run as much as I can and keep singing to Hermod and the others I have agreed to carry.

The rest will come as it does.

Singing seems to help and makes the work more like physical prayer.  I find I need that right now.


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