Why we need to worry about racist heathens

Because, we will be tarred with things like this:


Now, these people had nothing to do with us but serious people who are good friends of mine who are black, jewish, gay or other minorities see these things first.  Sure, it isn’t fair but neither were lumping all Muslims together, beating up and shooting Sikhs or blaming Jews for the world economy.

Watch them, reject them and act against them where you can.

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One response to “Why we need to worry about racist heathens”

  1. Úlfdís Járnviðar says :

    When my housemate found out about the heathenry thing, her first response was “But. Your not racist. But Heathenry. But your not racist. ” It took her a while to parse it out, because the racist element is so prevalent in the popular perception of our faith. I would like to hand a religion to the next generation that isn’t assumed to be racist right up front.

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