Again, how we treat and help the victims matters a great deal.

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  1. EmberVoices says :

    Elseweb, in a place I can’t share from here, a very cogent argument was made against non-professionals attempting to investigate.

    Listening to the victims, yes. Following our consciences to exclude abusers from our events, yes. But if there is any chance that a case will be processed by the justice system, any attempts by amateurs/civilians to investigate will jeopardize the victim’s case considerably, and make it less likely to be carried through and convicted.

    I’m ambivalent for what this means we should do when a case doesn’t involve the justice system at all, but the point is well made. We should not confuse our obligations as private individuals to support the victims and our obligation as a community to protect ourselves and each other with the obligations of the justice systems we do have to pursue the guilty towards punishment.


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