And Help the Victims to Stand

This is a follow up to this:

Others are writing of community, rules and outrage.  I think those are worthy discussions but they are not mine to lead or have.

Instead, in honor of Freya and her blessings, I want to write today about Worth and Worthiness.  An abuser strips a person of their sense of worth, telling them to hide things and using shame as a weapon.  They convince a person that they are less than they are or that only the approval of the abuser matters.  Abusers assault the victim’s personal sovereignty and their pride until they become convinced that they are unworthy. In fight terms, they get knocked down to the ground and are stunned.  They have forgotten that they have the ability to stand back up again, themselves.

Help them stand.  Show them how to do so and that they have value.  Then, encourage them to teach the same to others.  It is a duty worth pursuing and can be very rewarding.

I have found this to fall well under Freya’s auspices.  Worth and Sovereignty fall well into her interests.  For me, those are lessons from both Brisingamen and the recovery of Thor’s hammer.

Consider helping someone to stand again.  It is quite rewarding.

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