Walking between worlds and peoples

My oldest connection in Norse myth and heathenry being to Heimdall, I frequently find that I walk between many disparate groups of people who may even see others I contact as threats or enemies (or even anathema in the modern context rather than the original).  Perhaps it is the inspiration of the Bridgerider and Watchman that helps me, or perhaps I am just good at seeing many points of view.  I walk between fairly conservative heathens and very liberal (not just politically) Northern Tradition pagans who honor more than the Aesir and Vanir.

I don’t believe in heresy or pure interpretation.  Our ancestors traded everywhere and saw many things and peoples, taking what they thought worked.  I see no signs or proof that they would even think in terms or pure interpretation of anything.  They were spiritual AND pragmatic.

Perhaps I am just lucky to see the positive traits in so many and be a bit realpolitik.  For whatever reason, I end up walking a lot of places and the most I have been called is “naive”.

Then again, perhaps it is not only Heimdall but Hermod’s inspiration to have the courage to ride into dark places on a mission.  I have seen darker things since I started than I realized were around be before.  The trick is to have the endurance to keep riding and not panic.

So, wherever you may fall in my travels, know that I likely honor some part of you and your work.  There are the few that I call “wretches” but, at that point, you have reached the Columbine or Newtown stage. That is true even if you detest someone else I know for whatever reason.  I do not expect everyone I know to get along.  That is true in my “mundane” life as well as my spiritual one.

Luck to any who read this in finding their path.

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