An article on Loki and Lokeans in the Heathen community

An article on Loki and Lokeans in the Heathen community

A decent set of observations, I thought.  I have not read the novel she refers to but I know a number of people who have.


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5 responses to “An article on Loki and Lokeans in the Heathen community”

  1. aeddubh says :

    Good article, thanks!

    And I really liked the first two Chalion books (haven’t read the third)… I think you would, too. And a lot of her other stuff, as well…

  2. EmberVoices says :

    Same here – the first two books in the series are excellent. A group of us did costumes for them, actually, several years ago. I still have my robes as a Divine of the Mother of Summer 😀 -E-

  3. Del says :

    Even though I typically hate fantasy novels, Elizabeth kept insisting I read these books. She was right, I totally loved them, and I totally saw how worship of The Bastard correlated to Loki (even though “bastard” is an epithet I usually reserve for Odin).

  4. EmberVoices says :

    If you like historical fiction more than fantasy, I can see Chalion still hitting the spot. It really reads more like historical fiction set in late medieval Portugal or Spain… -E-

  5. psbey says :

    Reblogged this on Lokeans! .

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