News about prominent son of Stormfront founder

News about prominent son of Stormfront founder

I post periodically about hate groups.  While Derek Black is not heathen, some members of Stormfront have been interested in Norse elements.  He apparently traveled enough to decide that he could no longer agree with the beliefs his family taught him.

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3 responses to “News about prominent son of Stormfront founder”

  1. theinfinitebattle8 says :

    Thanks for posting this! (And if you haven’t, his letter is an interesting read as well.)

  2. aeddubh says :

    The last couple of paragraphs of his letter really give me hope:

    “The people who were important in the process of changing my mind were those who were my friends regardless, but who let me know when we talked about it that they thought my beliefs were wrong for specific reasons and took the time to provide evidence and civil arguments. I didn’t always agree with their ideas, but I listened and they listened to me.

    Furthermore, a critical juncture was when I’d realize that some individual was considered an outsider by the philosophy I supported. It is a huge contradiction to share your summer plans with someone whom you completely respect only to realize that your ideology doesn’t consider them a full member of society. I couldn’t resolve that.”

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