Manhood Series – Introduction

A female friend and spiritual sister asked me to write something for men who are struggling with the meaning of manhood. Within a short period of time, two others asked me about similar things and I intend to write a series of posts about manhood in a modern context and some small things I have learned as a man, a heathen and a rage worker; but here is a start.

From your youngest days you were told to “be a man”. Here is the secret that took me MANY years to learn:

You hold your own manhood in your hands and, once you realize that, it cannot be taken away from you. Decide what it means for yourself.

Drink whiskey, or read about flowers

Box, or learn to bun a little girl’s hair

Argue politics, or cry at the beauty of a child’s first performance

Be stoic in the face of trouble, or bury yourself in something completely frivolous

Rage Fiercely, AND Love Deeply

Ignore Shame, it exists as an ancient survival mechanism that likely does not apply to you now.

Remember that YOU decide who you are as a man. Find the examples you want to live and BE them.


3 responses to “Manhood Series – Introduction”

  1. Arashinomoui says :

    I’m actually of mixed thoughts on this and I didn’t realize it when I first read this writing elsewhere – it ignores the role and prominence that society, of the social paradigm plays in us being social beings.

    Yes, it would be great for each person to establish what their manhood means to them – but what are the stories we as a society are creating about what it means to be a man – you’ve touched on it by implication by your duality of choices (which I know were symbolic and not meant to be the full extent of choices available), but we as a society create a narrative that needs to be told/discussed to create paradigms that can be examined and picked from or picked apart.

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