Future thoughts and posts (Deliberately at top as a reminder)

I keep a notebook for my spiritual Work.  There I keep notes on many things but one element is posts I am thinking about for this blog.  I thought it was worth listing them and seeing if anyone was strongly affected by a title or concept.  If no one replies, it just becomes a running list as I move through things.  They are currently as follows:

Pattern Welding (Damascus Steel and Norse practice) as spiritual metaphor for Rage/Fire work

The Berserk as Metaphor – How the concept of the berserk can be used in Fire work whether or not there is real interest to become one

Free Will, Obedience to Deity and Fatalism – More heathen than Fire but this is also a heathen blog

Ecstatic practice and its value to the Fire path

Boom Boom Mancini, Iron Men and the cost of never backing down

The Cost of Seething Rage and why it needs to be avoided

Animals as Metaphor and Guide

UPG vs. Recon – The mystic versus the philosopher

Fenrir and Gleipnir

Living the Example – An alternative path to the Spiritworker

On Duty and Off Duty – Deity relationships (I have come to realize that I have “On Duty” elements for all of my Deity relationships now.)

Anger in Others, Honoring Anger and Facing Anger

Kicking and Screaming: The Terror of the Mystical

Rage Gothi, Spiritworker, Calling and Progress

Way of the Weeping Warrior – Emotion and Passion in functional Warriorhood (Ties to Manhood)

Manhood, A Series on finding manhood in a modern context

Dealing with Abuse and Facing Abusers

Emotional Alchemy Part 2 – Storytelling as a technique

Emotional Alchemy – How to translate Anger to laughter and other things

Creating more tags and cleaning up the Blog a bit, possibly add contact information (Not sure I am ready for the traffic)

2 responses to “Future thoughts and posts (Deliberately at top as a reminder)”

  1. EVCelt says :

    I think all of them have value, but the “Pattern Welding” concept appeals to me on a poetic level, and I’m also interested in “Free Will, Obedience to Deity and Fatalism”…

  2. N. D. Plume says :

    ooo, tell me all your thoughts on fatalism and gods, please… ecstatic practice and the costs of seething rage also sound particularly interesting.

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