A good entry on what records we have for offerings

I am not touching the latest debate about offerings and whether one should leave them just for deity other than to say:

1) There are times I share drinks and times I do not.  That can apply to deity as well.

2) Some offerings do not have to be food and drink.  In the right context, I have offered: tears, sweat, blood, spit, fear and pain.  It all depends on the relationship, the occasion and the details.  Hell, I would argue that running a marathon as a gift to a deity (I have not and will run, at most, 9 miles) is all of that and more.

3) This:


4) I intend to spend more time on my own practice and not arguing with other people.  I believe it is by example that I am meant to make the most difference in this life.

Hail the Gods!

Be Well!

Be the Best that you Can

One response to “A good entry on what records we have for offerings”

  1. aeddubh says :

    That is a good post indeed. And I agree with you wholeheartedly, especially on #4.

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