Exercise as Prayer

I realized, after searching through my blog, that I never wrote a post specifically on exercise as a form of prayer or active meditation.  In my pursuit of the Fire Path in the last several years, I have found tying exercise to my spirituality to be an important and powerful part of my growth.  There is a great deal of person of personal power in linking the two.  Here are a few examples:

1) Adapt any of your chants or mantras into running cadences.  Singing or calling to deity while exercising, especially running adds rhythm and stamina to your workout and makes completing all parts of it easier.

2) If you make offerings to deity, consider offering sweat or other results after the workout.  I use a special cloth on my altar to wipe sweat onto during or at the end of my workout.  Sweat may seem prosaic but it is the result of heavy effort you have devoted to a deity or deities and therefore has value.

3) Consider dedicating part or all of your workout to deity.  My workout has several pieces and it is easy to do multiple chants or bow to the deities on my altar in between sets.  Of course, my altar space is next to my workout area and you may not be so lucky.

4) Consider dedicating a special workout or effort to deity.  For example, I am training for Hermod:  https://facingthefireswithin.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/99/

Whichever works for you, I encourage you to consider exercise as part of your prayer and mediation.

3 responses to “Exercise as Prayer”

  1. Arashinomoui says :

    I have found something similar along my own nascent path – sometimes I enter the studio for myself, and there can be good days and bad days, and there are days that I am there for my duty – and those are always brutal crucible days for me.

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