Songs for Heimdall and Hermod

I use popular songs as a way of worshipping openly in front of anyone.  For example, I use Tom T. Hall’s Fox on the run (I didn’t say WHEN they were popular!) for Freya and even while paddling a kayak or running on the beach. While I have chants for all of the deities I work with, being able to just sing and know that I am praying when others cannot tell is something that lets be worship anywhere.  I am stuck, however, on good songs for Heimdall and Hermod.  While I realize not many people respond here, I would love to hear suggestions I can try out.

Thank you.

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5 responses to “Songs for Heimdall and Hermod”

  1. EmberVoices says :

    I tend to like Sting’s “Fields of Gold” for the Vanir. When I was training with the Umbanda House, I made a personal project out of coming up with 3 songs each for all of the major house powers, in the appropriate order, where the first song in each set was to raise the suitable energy, the second song was to describe the power, and the third was a potential message from that power’s perspective. My rule for the list was that it had to be modern music, that could play on a Rock radio station (although I didn’t require that it be popuIar enough to have actually done so).

    I still haven’t actually acquired all the songs onto a single playlist to play in order, though :/ -E-

    • facingthefireswithin says :

      I like that and see how that would suit the Vanir. Of course, I have my song for Freya. I have had a suggestion or two so far but nothing that really fits yet. They almost need to be darker, duty songs. Maybe I should look at some WW2 ballads. Most of what I can remember isn’t working so far.

  2. Howlingfire says :
    That is a great song, probably the first song I ever heard at a Gathering.
    So Love this song, I cannot sing it though…….

    • facingthefireswithin says :

      Thank you, my friend. I may learn that but am still looking for more popular songs that I could sing in a place that would not even need to know I was heathen. Also, while I certainly honor his role at Ragnarok, I am looking for something about the duties up until then. Again, thank you very much.

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