Hermod Part 4

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I will be a bit vague in this writing, as much of the events in question are deeply personal and do not belong on the internet but I do feel that a mention is needed, if only to honor Hermod.

I had strong reason, which had been building for about six months, to take a long and hard journey (physical and mental) to see someone I have not seen in a very long time for complex and unfortunate reasons that are, mostly, beyond my control.  I was fully aware that the chances of this going well was very small and tried to set my expectations appropriately.  I said a prayer to Hermod the morning before setting out (I had arrived in town the night before.) asking for inspiration and assistance.  Due to some confusion, I had an incomplete address and did not want to knock on many doors (I had thought it would be easier.)  I walked away for a bit trying to sort things out and get more information and in that walk ran into the object of my trip.

I will not say that it was a happy conversation but it did last almost two hours and was better than can be reasonably expected.  It happened the way it needed to happen and, as with Hermod, the rest is beyond my control.  In a number of ways, it WAS a ride to a personal underworld.

Hail Hermod and thank you for your inspiration and assistance.  May your strength and example continue to inspire us in the missions that are not easy, often on the behalf of others.

And now, the chant I have been using:

Hermod, Hel Rider

Hermod, Sleipnir Rider

Hermod, Far Rider

Hermod, Nine Days Rider

Hermod, Nine Nights Rider

Hermod, Frigga’s Rider

Hermod, Frigga’s Speaker

Hermod, Brave Rider

Hermod, Hel Rider


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