The God Graveyard – Personal Realizations

Linking mostly for the reflections on Anger and Freya. I did not start my Anger work with Freya but I have ended up there several times. Besides, the author is someone I know and respect.

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

I brought the topic of the God Graveyard to the attention of some of my more intellectually inclined friends elseweb. The people I was talking with were fellow magic practitioners of various stripes, and we had, in the past, had countless discussions of privilege wherein such privileges were unpacked and critiqued. I realize in retrospect that I was assuming they would agree with me, and was seeking them out in order to receive the emotional and social support that would lend.

I did get the validation I was seeking, eventually. But at first, I was met by a few people who, in the first case being an Atheist himself, and thus coming at the question from a very different angle, and in the second case simply not feeling affected by the display to the same degree I was, expressed the view that my reaction was disproportionate, and that my interpretation…

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