Relationship Based Heathenry: Ethics and Practice

A fine examination of Heathen ethics from the point of view of a man whose writing I greatly respect.


There are three different models of religion that are present in Western society today, the first and most known is the Obedience model of the Abrahamic faiths, the second is the Mystery model typified by Wicca, Golden Dawn, Mithran and similar creeds, and the last is Relationship, typified by Asatru or Heathenry.  Inside each faith are obviously elements of each, but the fundamental assumptions that form the core of that faith are based on one model alone, and form the lenses through which all questions are viewed.  For this reason, an understanding of ethics, and of practice, must begin with an examination of those assumptions, for if we do not understand which of these assumptions we carry already, we will have little chance of seeing through the wrong lenses the truths that our ancestors left in their words. 

If you were raised in North America or Western Europe, North Africa…

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