Winternights: Hailing the Ancestors

I reblog this mostly as an example as these are clearly not my ancestors but it gives you a good frame of reference. I will be posting something shorter later today.

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

 Our mighty Mothers here we honor
 From womb to womb since Worlds’ beginning

Hail Alice Parcel, my great aunt, my mother’s father’s sister.

Aunt Alice was a very well educated, intelligent woman who served the US Navy as a Russian translator during the wars (I believe WWII and the Korean War, but I’m not certain). By the time I met her she was an eccentric, elderly woman who lived by herself in Capitola, never having married or born any children. She made absolutely beautiful decorated eggshells in the Russian style, and gave them to family members. I still have a couple, and my Mom has at least one more. I inherited her craft supplies when she died.

Aunt Alice would invite us to come out for the annual Begonia festival to see the floats in the parade – actually covered in fresh cut flowers and floated on boats in the…

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