Samhain and Winternights and the Ancestors

I will be blessed this year with a chance to celebrate Samhain/Halloween/Winternights three times this week, twice with children.  In all of them, I will honor ancestors of blood and spirit (and sometimes even fiction).  I have done this long enough and toasted several often enough that I can now use keyword triggers to call them up in my mind and do not have to proclaim things the way I might have done in sumbel years ago (although I still can). 

Take this time to remember those who have passed on, be they recent or ancient.  Also, as a dear one taught me, consider taking the time to cast into fire something it is time to be rid of.  I tossed away a large chunk of anger, fear and failure at my first Samhain.  I only regret that it was a place and time that didn’t allow me to be quite as fierce as I might have but I am much calmer and content.

So, I mentioned keywords.  I will do my honoring here as a different example.  I will list the phrase that reminds me of them and only break them out as blood, spirit or story.  The volume of each does not matter and some of my ancestors of blood did not give me taglines but other things.

I thank all of those who have made me who I am.  NONE of us stands alone.


“And then, we flew over Berlin.”

“You’re not going to do that, are you boy?”

“You slept as much as you needed.”


“Enjoy every sandwich”

“Every morning, you look in the mirror and decide whether you shave or cut your throat.”

“Flesh always gives way to steel.”


“A man’s GOT to know his limitations.”

“As you wish.”

 “Honor is the gift a man gives himself.”

“Sleep, rest is a weapon.”


Now, I thank you for having read this.  Go forth and honor your ancestors.

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