Rage turned inwards

I have sometimes referred to suicide as rage turned inward.  I have felt that rage and remember considering gutting myself in front of an ex-girlfriend or holding a gun during a phone argument with another.  Sometimes, there is the belief that “Now, they’ll see my pain and SUFFER!”  There is also the feeling that you have no other way out.

I saw this article today, which looks at the Great Depression era, male suicides and what happens when we cannot resolve feeling stigmas that attack our identity.


I have learned to move past such rages, inward and out but, every day, others face that battle and lose.  I cannot claim to have the answer, other than to say two things:

1) You need to be ready to give people a hand up.  Sometimes, they just need a little help to stand.

2) You need to define yourself by more than what you do for a living.  That will change, sometimes drastically.

2 responses to “Rage turned inwards”

  1. moonfire2012 says :

    I have to comment on this and add that it would help if more people were caring and took it seriously, other than blow them off saying ‘pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”. That’s just an excuse so they don’t have to deal with them, and it just makes it worse. I can think of other things besides not defining yourself by your job, not defining yourself by your body type, or where you live, or your education. So many people judge us on these things and more, like personality traits we were born with that we can’t change. I agree with giving people a hand up, it would give them hope and calm them down instead of inflaming them with antagonism or worse, apathy.

  2. facingthefireswithin says :

    The saying I have used multiple times is: “There is no shame in falling. The shame would be in not standing back up.” In a number of ways, that is part of what I see as my Work.

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