Our ancestors traded EVERYWHERE


They made great swords by buying crucible steel from Afghanistan, just like they encountered and took advantage of so many things around the world.  They certainly married and bred all over the place.  Drop these foolish arguments about racial and cultural purity!  They are destructive and make us look like AB morons.

Yes, this is more of a rant than a longer considered post.  Yes, it is inspired by material going around the blogosphere but I decided to focus on a very small detail.

Our ancestors understood trade and supply chain management.  They took or bought the best of what they found.  They were not fools or close minded morons.  Don’t buy the arguments of those who want us to be some sort of white culture warriors.  Live your life well and be strong but recognize that value comes in many forms and to deny that weakens your own supply chain and gives you a weak sword.

One response to “Our ancestors traded EVERYWHERE”

  1. aeddubh says :

    Nice metaphor, really…

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