9-11 – Rage, Fear, Strength and Reason

Parts of this came to me this morning, remembering that day years ago and the results thereof.  I remember the day of the event, slowly realizing what actually was happening and knowing enough to know via radio that a separate explosion was a terrorist attack.  I remember going with many friends to donate blood and spending time with many positive people (only one jerk) that day.  For me, the rage and anger was more the next day that I can remember.  I served in the Army years before and I was very angry that this happened to my country in such a way.  It was years past my time in uniform and I had little to do directly other than things like donate blood or donate money.  I even considered (and discussed with my wife) finding a way back in.

I remember that rage and the look on the President’s tight lipped face the first time he appeared on television and when he spoke to recovery workers.  I understand the rage and even feared it back then.  I remember hoping that a man in that position would have the strength to resist the anger of an entire nation.  Arguably, he did not but this is not a political blog.

Rage is a powerful and terrible thing.  I honor anger and Rage in many ways BUT remember that there is a reason that berserks and characters like the Hulk are villains as much as heroes.  The great berserks of ancient times served kings of one kind of another.  In this day and age, make sure that your Reason (the king in this case) has at least a loose leash on your Rage.  Otherwise, like the wars we have seen, things can spin out of control once the beast escapes your basement.  I believe in the power of anger but I also believe in Reason, Hope and the Strength to act in other ways as well.

So, on this day, remember that anger but also remember the price and the loss that continues to this day.

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