A friend pointed out to me today (I am shocked I had missed this until now) the significance of 9/9 as a potential Heathen holy day.  For her, it is for Odin but it occurred to me that it could be much broader:

Odin – Hung for 9 days and nights

Heimdall – Born of 9 mothers

Hermod – Rode for 9 days and nights (He was stated to be Odin’s man so this could just be a direct correlation to Odin’s story.)

Nine Realms – We frequently refer to the world having 9 realms/places

Nine seems to matter a lot in our myths and traditions, as does three and nine is but three cubed.  So, on this day, perhaps we should do a little something to remember and note our gods and ancestors.  I will do so as I walk today for both Heimdall and Hermod.  I am sure my friend will do something for Odin.  If you read this, post what you did.

UPDATE 1 – Took my normal half hour exercise walk.  In honor of Heimdall and Hermod, I did nine cycles of the nine line prayers I do.  For the record:

Heimdall: Heimdall, Himdallr, Vindler, Rig (x9)

Hermod: (More complex, some variation of nine lines of the following each time)

Hermod, Hel Rider; (Beginning and end)

Hermod, Brave Rider;

Hermod, Dark Rider;

Hermod, Nine Nights Rider;

Hermod, Nine Days Rider;

Hermod, Frigga’s Rider;

Hermod, Frigga’s Speaker

Hermod, Sleipnir’s Rider;

Hermod, Odin’s Rider;

I am pondering promising a more elaborate honoring to Hermod this year that would mean running 9 miles by day once and by night once. I will try to decide that tonight and blot to that effect.  I will update again after I decide.

UPDATE 2: I performed a blot to Hermod and promised the runs in his name by the next 9/9.

6 responses to “9/9”

  1. aeddubh says :

    Nine’s a big number in a lot of cultures. Three threes… that’s something special. For some reason, three seems to be more important than four (or at least as important) in a lot of northern cultures. You find it in the Celtic as well…

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