Hail Thor!

Hail Thor, Thunderer and Bearer of Mjolnir!

For more than a decade I have worn your symbol in honor of our faith, and yet only have honored you in the obvious ways and at the obvious times.  Only recently have I seen the quiet and common wisdom beneath the direct strength.  Only now do I see that you are not so simple.  I open myself to your inspiration. Please kindly teach me what you think I might know.  Teach me of community, frith, quiet wisdom and other things.

Hail Asa-Thor!

Hail Bjorn!

Hail Vingthor!

Hail the Bearer of Common Wisdom!

Hail the God of Direct Action, Strength and Community!

Hail the Protector of Community!

Hail He Who Outwitted All Wise!  He Who Lets The Proud Foe Defeat Themselves and Maintains Hospitality!

Hail the Protector of Daughters!

Hail the Protector of Frith!

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7 responses to “Hail Thor!”

  1. moonfire2012 says :

    Hail Thor! Last time I said this out loud He took it literally and rained a huge hailstorm down on me, heh. Gotta be careful what you ask for;)

    • facingthefireswithin says :

      I and another heathen met years ago in a screaming blot to Thor duel at a pagan festival in the midst of a thunderstorm. I had my flask and he had a bottle of something. It was quite energizing. I am not worried. 😉

  2. rlbfitzy says :

    Reblogged this on Country Roads and Maple Leaves and commented:
    Admittedly I am biased when it comes to anything remoetly related to the Thunderer but it does warm my heart indeed whenever I see or hear people reach out to the jovial and mighty one Himself in the hopes of learning from or fostering good friendship with him. Hail indeed to Donner! Hail the ever be to the storm lord!

  3. rlbfitzy says :

    A hearty hail indeed!

  4. aeddubh says :

    Especially appropriate in hurricane season.


  5. Elizabeth says :

    IMO, Thor is vastly underrated, even by a lot of folks who profess to worship Him. He is indeed not as simple as He seems 🙂

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